The Marni Playland: Your own playground

Last week it was the Salone del Mobile Show in Milan. During the design week there were loads of great exhibitions and product launches that took the design world by storm. One of the greatest exhibition was fashion designer Marni’s Playland.

Marni Playground Pink

The fashion label designed the imaginative playground using colourful furniture and toys that were made with the help of Columbian craftswomen. Made up of several areas, which were marked with “coloured circles of sand”, each section was an “abstract reinterpretation of playground equipment”. Embracing their own take on the areas they were in, visitors could connect with their childhood conscience, thus making a playground for themselves as Dezeen has explained:

“Each piece was left for visitors to interpret as they see fit, with many objects designed to encourage play.”

Marni Playground Blue

The use of the colours didn’t only portray a childhood theme. Creatively, colours are very powerful for stimulating the mind and allowing the imagination to fully flow. Different textures were also used to create comfortable environments and spark interest (a reminder of how important sensory play first is for children).

Marni Playground Overall

The “playground theme” even flowed from the toys into the furniture. One example of this was the incorporation of mini basketball hoops as part of the armchairs. This design meant that you were always thinking about the playground, whether you were grabbing a five-minute sit down or not.

Marni’s new furniture pieces were showcased within the playful setting, meaning they could launch these in a fun way, surrounded by play. The playground themed setting also emphasised the fashion brand’s commitment to children’s charity, with the proceeds gained by the sale of their limited edition designs being donated to “Associazione Piccolo Principe”.

Marni Playground Yellow

It was a magical, interactive masterpiece that creatively allowed us to remember our younger selves and to benefit the younger generation within its local community now. 

What playground equipment would you use when creating your own playland? Let us know in the comments below.

Source/ Image credits: Highsnobiety I Dezeen

Posted by: Michael Hurd

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