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3 top features to look for when buying a teacher’s school desk

Teacher Guidance August 5th 2021
3 top features to look for when buying a teacher's school desk

Meetings, teaching in different classrooms, constant problem solving – as a teacher, your day-to-day work can be very challenging. However, one thing that is essential is to have a school desk that you can call home, a base to come back to.

Having a school desk of your own, with a secure and lockable draw for your things is essential. This is true now, more than ever. Post Corona, you’ll no doubt be carrying around extra items, such as hand sanitiser, face mask, and maybe even a face shield. They all need somewhere secure to live, to save you carrying around a multitude of items all day.

But what other features are important in the perfect teacher's school desk?


To help infection control, having an easy-to-clean and well-sanitised school desk is essential. Most school desks comprise of a fully welded frame or crush-bent frame. Wood effect desktops are very popular and easy to clean. These frames also give the school desks a durability which is critical in a classroom.

Depending on the lesson, desks can be moved around multiple times a day. Creating space for a practical or fun lesson can mean that furniture needs to be extra robust to withstand frequent dragging across the floor. A solid metal desk frame is great for these occasions and can withstand challenging environments. Look out for a factory guarantee.


Something to consider, which often gets overlooked, is the addition of a modesty panel. This is an integrated sheet of material, that is built to match the style of the desk. This sheet is attached to the front of the desk and means that the teacher can sit at the desk and not have to worry about how they are sitting. Members of staff wearing skirts, for example, will find this modesty panel invaluable. There’s enough to consider when controlling and teaching 30 children in a classroom, without the additional stress of remembering a modest seating position.


A perfect teacher's school desk should always come complete with box draws on one side of the desk. For added security, these draws should be fully lockable. Securing valuable items is crucial when a teacher is teaching in multiple classrooms throughout the day.

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