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3 ways to set up the perfect art zone in your nursery

Art & Design, General Info October 20th 2021
3 ways to set up the perfect art zone in your nursery

Winter weather, Covid-19 concerns and the absence of wider family support have meant that parents are facing increasing difficulties. These stresses can sometimes filter down to the younger members of the family.

Luckily, when primary and secondary schools shut, nurseries remained open. One great way that nurseries manage to alleviate stress in young children is through absorbing them in art and craft. Whether the little children are creating a colourful painting or simply sticking paper together to create a montage, having a great art area is essential.

But how can nurseries set up the perfect art zone?

Create plenty of space. Having a big table is a good start to creating your art zone. Nursery school desks come in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate small groups of children all working together. For example, the Start Right Height Adjustable Circular Table is a large round table that has the clever addition of height-adjustable legs. This is a useful benefit when dealing with the varying ages in a nursery.

Whether you opt for the modular option, where smaller school desks can be moved together to create a larger desk, or a traditional four-legged desk, ensure it offers enough space.

Pick great storage options

Pens, paper, paints, aprons, they all need storing when not in use. Create a calming environment with carefully stored equipment. It encourages young children to be tidy and makes preparing for the next session much easier.

Pick a storage solution that has shelving for different sizes and colours of paper and trays to store essential equipment. Edu-Quip have a fun range of art storage units, including units with funky coloured trays to complement the fun nursery environment.

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Store finished art with care

Children love to be involved in craft projects and love to create art. To complete your perfect craft zone, think about where to store all of the children's creations while they dry. Whether you're waiting for glue to set, or paint to dry, consider your options for where to store multiple projects.

Drying racks are great for this and come in a range of sizes. From table-top options to large trollies, pick your option whilst considering the space you have available. If space is tight, a wall-mounted dryer is a good compromise.

For all of your nursery school desk plus art and craft supplies, please take a look at our website.

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