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4 Benefits of Cycling to school and why we should all get involved

4 Benefits of Cycling to school and why we should all get involved image 1

The 10th of May marks ‘Bike to School Day’ - a day to raise awareness of the benefits that can be achieved by pupils and students cycling to school.

Having seen the advantages, ‘Bikeability’ has been “recognised by the government as a suitable cycle training scheme”. Bikeability can be used by parents, teachers and even pupils themselves and contains great ideas and stories for everyone to get involved. There are also ‘3 levels of riding’ to keep everyone safe.

“Continue learning back in the classroom or at home with our range of cycling themed discussions, creative ideas and lesson plans, all designed to get the whole class passionate about cycling and its benefits.”

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In addition to the obvious benefit, keeping fit, we have looked into the other benefits, which can be easily gained from cycling to school. Throughout our search, we have found that cycling to school can also do the following:

1. It encourages independence

You are in control of getting to school yourself. It will also teach you the importance of time management as well as build your self-confidence and sense of independence. You will also feel an enormous sense of achievement getting to school by yourself.

2. Cycling reduces congestion

In addition to cleaner air, which is great for the planet, the reduction of cars will make the roads quieter and safer, especially at the school gates! Less traffic also means that road rage will be minimised, which will reduce stress levels and help everyone keep a healthy mind.

3. It provides an active start to the day

Schools in the US have seen vast improvements in grade performances from children who cycle to school. The active start creates energy that helps concentration levels in class. What better way to wake up than by cycling through some fresh air? Also, the younger generation often don’t get their recommended daily dose of exercise. Cycling to school can help with achieving that.

4. It will save you money

Reducing the amount of driving will decrease the amount that you will spend on fuel. With the rising price of fuel these days that is definitely a bonus!

Using your car less will also minimise the wear and tear of the vehicle itself, which will make the service and MOT costs a lot less shocking.

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So, remember to grab your helmet and get ready for Bike to School Day.

Do your chidren cycle to school? Let us know of any benefits in the comments below.

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