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5 Feel-good stories to set you up for the week

General Info March 15th 2017

There is nothing better than reading a heart-warming story that relates to an event that is truly making a difference in people’s lives. We have had a look at some of the great stories of schools and local businesses around the UK that are making the world a better place. There are so many stories that we have found, so we are definitely feeling humbled to know that there is so much good around us! We have narrowed it down to these five that are sure to brighten up your week. Come take a look…

Scrubs the Bear drumming up support in North Lincolnshire for Grimsby 10k Fun Run

The mascot for the “Health Tree Foundation”, which is the official charity of Grimsby Hospital, has been going round local schools to encourage youngsters to sign up for the 2k fun run (part of the 10k run), which will take place on the 30th of July. At £1 per entry, the big, cuddly bear has been a huge incentive for children to get involved, donating towards a hospital that they most likely will have had at least one experience with. All proceeds raised will go towards the hospital’s “latest A&E 999 Appeal” says HTF community champion Lauren Alexander. Commenting on Scrubs’s success, she has also mentioned:

5 Feel-good stories to set you up for the week image 1

Image source: Grimsby Telegraph

“Scrubs has been having great fun getting out and about meeting youngsters. As well as encouraging children to sign up for the fun run, he has also been urging them to enter a fun run poster competition we have launched with the schools”.

I bet Scrubs is loving all the cuddles he must be receiving and is very glad to have read about the amount of children that are signing up to such a great cause!

Sainsbury’s grants wish to autistic boy, allowing him to work behind a checkout for the day

Sainsbury’s in Newhaven, East Sussex, has granted a wish to a young boy called Jasper. Always having dreamt about working behind a checkout at his local store, Jasper, who is autistic, saw his dream come true this week and was given a specially-made uniform and name badge. What a day it must have been for him!

5 Feel-good stories to set you up for the week image 2

Image source: The Sun

The special day comes at a time when Sainsbury’s have been trialling an “autistic friendly initiative” in two stores in Liverpool. The aim of the scheme is to make the shopping experience for parents more manageable and enjoyable, as Head of Customer Experience Natalie Dunn has stated:

“There are many aspects of a visit to the supermarket which can be stressful for parents of children with autism, so we are trialling ways in which we can make their lives easier.”

Other ways in which the supermarkets are making sure that their shopping experience is optimised are allowing the parents to make use of the tannoy or asking for the music to be turned off. I think Jasper’s smile (that apparently hasn’t left his face) says it all! Very inspiring, truly heart-warming.

Charity training “School Dogs” teaming up with clothes store for sponsorship day

Dogs Helping Kids” (DHK) is teaming up with a clothes store called “Mistral” in Tetbury, having organised a sponsorship day to raise money and awareness towards the charity. The activities for the day will involve cake sales and a “Guess the number of dog biscuits in a jar challenge”. All proceeds raised will all help towards the charity’s aim:

“Dedicated to using highly trained dogs to help teach children non-violence, empathy, respect, kindness, love, responsibility, friendship and trust.”

5 Feel-good stories to set you up for the week image 3

Image source: DHK

The DHK charity works closely with schools, colleges and libraries and helps towards pupils’ academic achievements, increasing their literacy skills and the dogs can teach them the importance of responsibility and respect, just to name a few of the benefits that have already been shown. Who knew that a dog could be such a benefit for school life? Wow!

“I’m a Teacher Get Me Out Of Here” at John Henry Newman School, Stevenage

Back in February the John Henry Newman School hosted their annual fundraising event, raising money for the Kiddies Support Scheme (KiSS). The charity “provides education, healthcare, pastoral support for children in Uganda”.

The event has been organised since 1994 and it allows the chance for pupils to “take control” by organising the activities themselves and often “getting their own back” on the teachers. It is also an opportunity for them to realise and understand how much of a difference charitable giving can make in people’s lives.

5 Feel-good stories to set you up for the week image 4

Image Source: The Comet I John Henry Newman School

Proud teacher and KiSS Trustee, Joe Hewitson, who was also involved in the event as a student himself, commented on the great success saying:

“It’s very humbling to know everything that’s been done for the charity over the years. It’s also incredible and inspiring to see what the kids achieve every year themselves. It showcases their talents.”

This year the teachers had their “tolerance tested” as they were faced with “bowls of gunge, goo cakes and buckets full of grim-looking goo” (no teaching staff were harmed I’m sure). Other activities involved cake sales, a fancy dress day and a talent night. Sounds like a lot of fun! All the funds received will add to the total of the £250,000 that has been raised to this day so far. That’s a staggering amount and clearly one that the school should be very proud of!

University students raise money for cancer charity by throwing “best ball in ages”

Creative Events Management undergraduates from the Arts University Bournemouth arranged a ball with the “Marsham Court Hotel” recently in an effort to raise money for Cancer Research.

The budget that they had was £450, with a target of £2,000 to raise. They smashed this target considerably and the total amount raised was £5,439. Amazing!

5 Feel-good stories to set you up for the week image 5

Image source: Marsham Court Hotel

The success of the evening is emphasised by hotel owner Rosie Wallace:

“I’ve had people ringing me to say it was the best ball they’ve been to in ages”.

In addition to the ticket prices, items were also auctioned to drum up as much money as they could towards the cancer charity, to help towards the fight against the disease. It is a real blessing to see a university work with a local business, raising such a fantastic, considerable amount for a great cause.

Do you have any great feel-good stories that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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