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Are study booths the way forward for safe education?

General Info October 13th 2021
Are study booths the way forward for safe education?

Since the return to school, everyone in the education sector has had to adapt to the changing environment due to COVID-19. Teachers and students have had to wear masks and classrooms have had to be arranged so that social distancing can happen effectively.

Study booths and carrels provide students with individual workspaces that separate them from others. Often, they are chosen for privacy and examination needs, but they could be the way forward for students to work effectively while distancing. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a study booth?

A study booth is a type of school desk that provides a level of privacy due to having built-up sides. Not only are study booths a great option for individual work, but they are also a fantastic way of saving space in the classroom.

There are a plethora of study booths available that can meet different requirements. For example, the Samba Study Carrel 1 provides one structure that has four booths available for students.

What are the benefits of a study booth?

As previously mentioned, a study booth is a great alternative to the standard school desk. If you're aiming to make the most of your classroom space, you can choose a study booth that can seat several students and that is available in a myriad of shapes.

If you have classroom examinations, a study booth prevents any cheating and can benefit the student by preventing any distractions. Ultimately, it can lead to improved concentration levels while making the most from any classroom space.

How will study booths help in the age of COVID-19?

As we know, social distancing is likely to be in place for a long time in the future. Although students of different ages will understand COVID-19 differently, social distancing at school can be tough to implement.

While in the classroom, there will be situations in which it will be difficult to arrange classroom furniture in a way that implements social distancing whilst utilising as much space as possible. Study booths and carrels are the perfect solutions. As mentioned, students gain a level of privacy and are likely to have increased concentration levels. Alongside this, they are separated from the student next to them, which increases their safety levels and risk of contracting COVID-19.

Although this may seem like you would be isolating students, it is the opposite. We offer a huge variety of study booths to fit your requirements, from individual booths to circle cluster desks that allow collaboration while having private study areas. If you're looking for a study booth or classroom furniture, get in touch today.

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