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Article – Back to School Again

Schools, Teacher Guidance March 3rd 2021
Article - Back to School Again

Following the prime minister’s announcement that confirmed students will return to classrooms 8th March, although welcome news, it is not surprising that there will almost certainly be many questions in relation to common worries of returning to school after a prolonged period of absence.

For children and parents alike, concerns will be mirrored: what will prevent the spread of COVID-19, how will the school have changed, will friendship groups be intact, how do testing stations work, will school desks and school chairs be the same. These are all concerns that did not exist during February 2020.

In truth, nobody really knows how things are going to pan out or the changes that will be in place as pupils return to school but, a topic that has been dominating the media during ‘the lockdowns’ is children’s mental health and wellbeing. Stress and anxiety fall into the mental health camp and it is not clear how that will manifest itself as our kids return. We recently published an article on Wellbeing & School Breathe which highlighted the success of breathwork in schools as a tool to lower stress levels encouraging students to live in the moment which in turn makes for a calmer classroom! Acoustic pods shouldn’t be ignored as they are becoming popular as a calm area for contemplation, concentration and are perfect for breathwork. As previously mentioned, we can’t be certain of how things will pan out but, one thing is for sure and that is there is going to be a lot of testing.

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Featured product: Our testing booths are single units that have been designed to offer a safe and comfortable area for carrying out much needed Covid tests. These booths are robust, practical and aesthetically pleasing which in turn provide testing solutions for teachers, students and parent screening as necessary.

About: individual booths are made up of protective acrylic screens with lower aperture for operative staff protection and testing kit pass through. Additional booths can be retrofitted. Optional extras such as mirrors allow a participant to observe their swab procedure.

You may also be interested in: no testing station should be complete without an antibacterial chair and an exam desk. Schools will probably have a surplus of exam desks but may require antibacterial polypropylene classroom chairs.

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