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Classrooms changes – the best we can do is embrace them

General Info about us September 15th 2020
Classrooms changes – the best we can do is embrace them

So many friendships are developed during schooldays, especially among those who were in the same classroom from an early age.

Students who sit next to each other at the same school desk often forge an even greater bond that lasts a lifetime. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has changed all of that, for the foreseeable future at least. Spare a thought for the kids - As the UK came to a virtual standstill and people began to work from home in an effort to flatten the curve of infection, children perhaps suffered more than most.

The impact on parents attempting to juggle work with homeschooling was immense. However, it was the children who were losing out on a very special part of their lives – time spent surrounded by their peers, in the classroom and the playground,during the lead-up to the summer holidays.

As schools return, it doesn't signal a return to normality – far from it. Students will have to keep their distance from their classmates. The days of making a friend for life based on who you sit beside are in the past. The hugely important need to remain socially distant means that no school desk will be occupied by more than one student.

It's not all bad news - With every cloud there is a silver lining – all you have to do is find it. If the classroom measures help to halt the spread of the virus, even just a small bit, they will have been well worth it. Additionally, from a parent's perspective, the spectre of children sitting at separate school desks will reduce the rate of kids distracting each other, leading to less playacting and more learning.

That might sound like we are scraping the barrel in search of some positive points to write about, but if the classroom measures of today help to produce the geniuses of tomorrow, everyone will be happy.

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