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Desks vs tables?

Desks vs tables?

It's part of a fundamental shift that marks a real step change in 21st-century pedagogy away from the isolation of the desk and towards table-focused learning. So, should you opt for classroom desks or tables in your school? Here are some aspects to consider:
Community - if desks are what you have then you can create a temporary solution by simply pushing them together to create a larger work area. But tables have a seamless flat surface that allows children to move around the perimeter and lean across them to work together without any barriers to interrupt or delineate their work. Gathering together around a table fosters a sense of community and collaboration, building connection and communication amongst pupils.

Equality - by creating an inclusive working environment that is table based, pupils experience a greater sense of equality. Each child around the table has equal space to contribute their ideas towards the pursuit of a common project. Table-based working is far more flexible in approach and fosters a creative approach to team work.

Storage - there is one issue for teachers who have made the switch to a table-based classroom - the lack of storage in the classroom. However, having access to a desk often means that pupils are more fidgety and distracted, whereas a purpose-designed classroom storage system offers less distraction but huge functionality. Flexible storage solutions can make all the difference. Tables also encourage pupils to share communal supplies and to be organised with their work and their workspace, both valuable skills.

Personal space - don't assume that by switching to tables you'll solve all your classroom problems at a stroke. Children often begrudge the loss of their own personal space and tables can be problematic for testing purposes. However, what your pupils lose in personal space, your classroom will gain in physical space, allowing learning to break out into new spaces.

Cost efficiency - with one table costing the price of a desk, yet seating three times as many pupils, tables often prove to be the more cost-effective option for the classroom.

School desks vs school tables: you decide

If you want to break out of the hegemony of desks towards a more flexible and liberated classroom that empowers you to teach in the way you want to, then swapping school desks for classroom tables is a smart first step. We offer a wide range of flexible school furniture Choose to opt for classroom desks or tables, plus the support resources you need to enrich your learning environment.

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