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Early Years Classroom Furniture

Classroom Desks June 28th 2017
Early Years Classroom Furniture

Many children will carry their early experiences of the classroom with them into their adolescent years and beyond.

The correlation between negative early-life experiences affecting a person's capabilities in later life is a very real thing.

As adults, we have a duty to create an overwhelmingly positive, loving environment for toddlers in all aspects of their lives, so that they can thrive and move forward without carrying burdens.

Every child deserves a classroom of the highest standard.

The aforementioned reference to "the classroom" is all-encompassing. Every single aspect of that room plays a role in a child's development — from the teacher to the school furniture, to the colour of the paint on the walls to the pictures that adorn them.

Without question, the teacher is the most important aspect of the classroom. In a toddler's first year in school, they may be struggling to cope with being away from their mother or father, and a caring teacher can go a long way towards filling that void.

Think back to your very first teacher. It's unlikely that you'll remember how good their teaching techniques were, but you will certainly remember how nice they were.

Bad furniture can hinder a child's development

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Also of supreme importance within the classroom is the furniture. If a child's chair is faulty or in any way uncomfortable, their ability to learn will be hugely diminished. Equally, if their school desk is not stable, or merely showing too many signs of age, it will wreak havoc with the child's attempts to write.

Bearing in mind that this could be the child's first attempt at writing their name, or doing their addition tables, it is unacceptable that faulty furniture could hamper their efforts.

These issues might sound like they have been taken from 1957, and surely not 2017 but in the modern age, such problems should not exist in any school, but unfortunately they do.

A company that can help

Edu-quip strive to improve the outlook for schools and their students through furniture and equipment. We specialise in sourcing and selling early years furniture and school chairs for toddlers. We offer complete classroom design and space planning solutions. We are extremely competitive, which is perhaps illustrated by an ever-growing list of repeat customers. Take a look at our early years furniture and if you can’t find what you are looking for ask a member of the team who will be happy to help.

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