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End of Year Reports – ‘Wots Teacher Really Sayin?’

General Info about us July 12th 2018
End of Year Reports - 'Wots Teacher Really Sayin?'

The school year is coming to an end which means it’s almost time for those end of year reports. You either love them or hate them, but parents across the country are waiting to hear whether or not their children are shining stars whilst sitting at their school desk. However, have you ever read an end of year report card and thought, “what exactly does lively and enthusiastic really mean?”. If that’s you, then find out exactly what those positive-spin comments actually mean with this feedback from one teacher.

Knows their own mind: This is a polite way of saying that they aren’t very good at doing what they have been asked to do.

Sociable member of the class: This child loves to chat and gossip with friends, rather than working hard at school.

Enthusiastic in group work: A confident person, who likes to be in charge.

Full of self-confidence: The child sometimes showcases arrogance and doesn’t enjoy being told when they are wrong.

Needs to focus their enthusiasm into their own work: They tend to distract others in the class and need to focus on their own work.

Very curious: They show a lot of interest in all things but their school work.

Displays excellent listening skills: This child doesn’t speak up, rarely participates, and sits quietly all day.

Open to new ideas: This person is easily led into poor behaviour.

Enthusiastic contributor to class discussions: Opinionated on everything and shares opinions loudly at all opportunities.

Brilliant, unique character: They are one of a kind in the class (for better or for worse!).

Has indicated an interest in self-guided learning: Takes it upon themselves to decide on a daily schedule of work.

Has an inquiring, interesting mind: Never stops asking questions.

Has a wide circle of friends: There are no seats left to place the child where they won’t talk to others.

Lively and enthusiastic: Challenging work for a teacher on a daily basis.

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