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From school storage to lesson plans – the impact of increased use of tech in classrooms

Classroom Storage, Schools August 29th 2017
From school storage to lesson plans - the impact of increased use of tech in classrooms

For many of us, it has been a while since we stepped into a classroom, but if you were to compare a modern classroom to the traditional chalk board one a couple of decades ago, you would be amazed.

Lesson planning - lessons have changed drastically. Rather than a traditional role, teachers now have to facilitate learning and encourage pupils to find out facts for themselves. This encouragement to explore, ask questions and develop a thirst for knowledge can only be a good thing.

When it comes to lesson plans and more innovate ways to teach, many teachers struggle at first with the freedom technology can provide their students. It can be hard to try and guide pupils to the right material and at the right level. To try and overcome this, a well thought out lesson plan is vital. Think about how technology will be incorporated first: perhaps it will be to research a news topic, or to record a group discussion?

Classrooms - the classroom set up has also changed drastically, with many school desks being rearranged to make more space for exploratory learning. As students are spending more time discovering their own knowledge rather than consuming knowledge from teachers, they need space to be creative and take part in group activities. This means a traditional classroom needs to be altered to allow more mobility and also for a variety of activities to be taking place at one time.

Equipment - even with all these changes in technology, there are still some things haven't changed. Teachers are still using the white board and notebooks and we don't think this will change anytime soon. Thoughts, new knowledge and reminders still need to be captured, and often writing things down on paper helps us to remember something for longer than if quickly typed on a keyboard.

Storage - School storage may have to adapt - for example, schools now have a lot of portable laptop storage units that can be wheeled between classrooms - but good old fashioned classroom storage units aren't going out of style any time soon. Still, we continue to innovate and develop our products so we can continue to provide high quality storage for schools.

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