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Fundraising from the school desk

General Info about us February 2nd 2021
Fundraising from the school desk

With the latest lockdown and restrictions placed on events that can be held, fundraising in schools has reduced significantly, if not ground to a halt. The traditional school plays, school discos, school Christmas Fairs and more fundraising events were cancelled in 2020.

However, there are fundraising options that can be done at school desks. Here are some fundraising ideas that can help you raise funds for your school as things start to return to 'the new normal' and children once again return to school.

1. Sponsored Read - A classic option is the sponsored read. Children could be sponsored by family and family friends for reading as much as they can within an hour or two. The reading can be done at their school desk, in silence. It’s a simple solution that can be themed and even be integrated into learning.

Another option is to have a teacher read a book to the class and children pay an entrance fee.

2. Movie Days - While cinemas might be closed, that doesn’t mean that the experience has to be gone. Instead, children can experience the joy of the cinema in their classrooms while sitting on their school chairs. Films that can be shown could be old favourites (for example Frozen). Parents could pay for the child to watch the film and perhaps refreshments like popcorn and drinks.

Movie days can be held every week, with a schedule setup of what films will be on offer for that week.

3. Bingo - Bingo is a fun game for children. You can theme bingo for Christmas or do maths challenges, where children have sums on the bingo sheets to find out which numbers are on their scorecard. Children can buy bingo sheets and there can be prizes for the winners.

Similar to this, you could arrange for quiz sessions where children can purchase entries into a quiz. The winners of the quiz receive a prize and the rest of the entrance money goes to the school’s fundraising projects.

4. Gift Crafts - When it comes to keepsakes from schools, crafts are a great option. There are many different options on offer with today’s printing services. For example, you could offer custom made cards that have been designed by the children at their desks. This could be done for seasonal holidays, like Christmas, Easter, etc.

You could also offer one-off items like traditional tea towels that contain a small self-portrait of all the children in the school. Or perhaps you could encourage children to design a mug to sell to relatives to raise school funds. Each class could design a different product.

Conclusion - Whether you’re looking to buy a new computer or refresh the school furniture, fundraising is probably a significant way that you raise funds to achieve this. The pandemic has certainly hit your fundraising efforts hard, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get children to help. Above are several ways that your children can bring in funds for that project, without too many logistical challenges and right from their desks.

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