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Happy Egghunt 2016

Competition, General Info March 23rd 2016

Our yearly Easter Egg Hunt challenge found itself on this website for 2016... As always, it was a lot of fun! Keeping to the education theme, matching the division of the website, our talented graphics and design team hid eggs based on teachers. The runaway egg-teachers were strategically placed on the website and clues were given over 4 days for 4 chances to win an Ostrich Egg from Hotel Chocolat. As a company, we were “eggstatic” seeing the great results that stemmed from the competition and it was very enjoyable watching all our new searchers “scrambling” (get it?!) across the pages looking for them!

Alas, there could only be 4 winners over the duration of the competition. All selected at random at the end of each day, the very lucky winners were the following:

Happy Egghunt 2016 image 1

Happy Egghunt 2016 image 2

Happy Egghunt 2016 image 3

Happy Egghunt 2016 image 4

“Very happy with my prize it really made my day!”

Although we are sorry that not everyone could be winners, we could not thank you all enough for helping with the search and getting involved. We wish you all a great Easter and hopefully we will see you all for the Big Easter Hunt 2017!

Happy Egghunt 2016 image 5

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