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Heartfelt – Pott Shrigley Church School

General Info September 18th 2017
Heartfelt - Pott Shrigley Church School

“Pott Shrigley Church School is not the norm; we like to think we are unique being one of the oldest and smallest schools in England 525 years old this year to be exact, and are lucky to have a rural setting” Jane Langdon

Saving the 525 year old school from closure proved to be a difficult fight! It involved the support of the local community, church, parents and the school itself. The BBC news showed support by outlining the story on the evening news. Support also came from local newspapers and radio. The local MP and Councillors were fully supportive and active in saving the school.

So now the task in hand is bringing the school up to date for future generations to enjoy.

Jane continues "When it came to making school improvements that gave instant benefits to the children one area stood out, the lack of a proper library or reading area for the children. A large portion of the books were stored in a cupboard and containers away from view. The area was unappealing to staff and children and was not being used to the best of its potential"

"This is where edu-quip came to the rescue, we wanted to make the best of the area and with their friendly professional help that is exactly what we achieved. Thanks to them we no longer have a dark unused corner, the “reading corner” is now a place that the children love spending time in reading and relaxing, storytelling and learning"

So here @ edu-quip we are proud to be associated with Pott Shrigley Church School. When Jane contacted us with the story of this small but perfectly formed school and their struggle to keep on existing for the benefit of the children and their continued education we were simply touched and wanted to get involved.

Sometimes we can’t explain why something like a cause for the greater good screams at us and sticks in our minds…we keep coming back to that same thought and Pott Shrigley is the thought. “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf” is a well-known quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn…And that’s it in a nutshell. Whats next Jane?

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