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The colour of school chairs impacts learning

General Info November 7th 2017
The colour of school chairs impacts learning

If you ask a teacher what influences children's learning, you’ll likely get a variety of responses, from the curriculum to teaching methods. Rarely would you hear the response, 'colour' or 'colour of the school furniture'. This is because the importance and impact of colour is often overlooked, yet it's a key part of our lives every day.

Colour is in everything we do and it's known to play a role in productivity, emotion, learning, and communication. The impact colour has on a room is undisputed, so the impact of the colour of school chairs and desks is an important element to consider.

Below we consider which colours have a particular impact on learning within the classroom:

Red - Red evokes passion and energy and is considered a stand out colour that should be used in rooms that are aimed at encouraging participation and being interactive, such as drama studios, music rooms, and English rooms.

Blue - Blue is known as one of the most calming colours and can help evoke feelings of contemplation. Blue school furniture is useful in subjects that require intense focus, such as a library or study room. Bright or light shades of blue are best, as these promote productivity and calmness.

Orange - Orange is a vibrant colour that evokes warmth and energy. It works well in communal areas, dining rooms or social environments. It is said that if you use too much orange, especially with red and yellows, it can have a negative impact, but small amounts can evoke happiness.

Green - Green is a calming colour and is considered the easiest colour on the eye. It provokes balance and harmony, making it perfect for rooms that will host both individual study and teamwork activities, allowing learning to be enhanced.

Purple - Purple has links to spirituality, meaning this colour works well in rooms meant for reflection and contemplation. Rooms such as staff rooms and offices benefit from this colour, rather than a learning classroom.

The best way to manage the colour in your classroom is through the use of furniture. School chairs, school desks, storage and more are all great ways to incorporate these colours into the classroom. As all colours impact and encourage learning in different ways, you can choose colours based on the subject and the age group of the classroom.

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