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How to boost productivity through classroom design

How to boost productivity through classroom design
The look and feel of our workspace can drastically improve or reduce our tendencies to be productive. This is especially true for children and students; a pleasant working environment will help reduce the likelihood of procrastination and boost concentration. However, creating a classroom environment which is conducive to hard work and good behaviour can be a challenge for even the most steadfast teacher. Continue reading to discover a few handy tips about to transform a classroom into a haven of tranquillity!
Ensure optimal comfort - School desks and school chairs are one of the easiest things to overlook when it comes to creating a comfortable working environment for students. Chairs and children’s school desk are often dragged out from old storage cupboards and thought to be sufficient when they are actually inadequate for the purposes of a particular classroom – especially if they are uncomfortable!
School desks which are not adequate for the classroom or the teacher’s requirements will result in less than perfect rates of attention and attendance. Ensuring student comfort helps to minimise the problem and allows teachers to focus on what really matters – teaching!
Create visual stimulation - Students can be inspired by interesting, diverse and encouraging posters, signs and displays. Creating a welcoming environment with fun and vibrant exhibits can help students feel comfortable and relaxed. If a student’s attention does happen to wander during a lesson, then at least they might still learn something from an informative display!
Thoughtful seating plans - If students tend to do a little more chatting than working, it might be time to consider changing up the seating design of the classroom. If school desks are currently set up so that small groups of students are facing one another around a table (or multiple school desks joined together), it may be a good idea to invest in single desks lined up in rows facing the whiteboard. Students will then have no choice but to face the direction of the teacher.
Provide natural light - Like plants, children thrive on sunlight! Large windows and open-plan school environments help to decrease the sense of claustrophobia which comes from spending five days a week in a stuffy, dark classroom. Natural light also provides students and staff with a dose of Vitamin D, which is well known to boost concentration and promote positivity. In the same way that aesthetically pleasing colours help induce calm and relaxation; natural light encourages feelings of wellness and thereby reduces absenteeism.

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