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Coping with New Term Jitters

General Info about us September 10th 2018
Coping with New Term Jitters

It is normal to feel jittery and even depressed at the beginning of a new term. Everyone else may look like they are having a great time, but that is rarely the case. They are merely managing up. So how do you cope with new term blues? Here are a few sure tips to start you off.

Understand it is normal - If you are going to a new school, it is natural to have an emotional rollercoaster. Do not try to fight it, accept it. Most teachers have gone through the same and survived, so will you.

Set your goals - Think of the milestones you wish to achieve during the term. Some of the targets may include learning or trying out new teaching methods, getting new school desks for your class or finding a student to mentor. Whichever your goals are, write them down and start working on them from the first day of school. It will keep your mind off the butterflies in your stomach.

Only plan for the first two weeks - The first impulse of a committed teacher is to plan for the entire term in advance. Successful teachers know that this rarely works. Each term and each school has its dynamics. The best you can do is plan out your lessons for the first two weeks. You will do the rest as you settle in and learn the needs of your children.

Community Comfort- Find a teacher's community such as discussion boards and groups on social media. You may also find these at the workplace but choose cautiously. You are safer without one, but for the jitters sake, join one. You can leave as soon as you have the muscle to charter your ship.

Create time for yourself - The first few weeks of a new term will be exhausting, at the very least. So take care of yourself. Have sufficient sleep, plan weekend dates with friends and keep them. Such will mitigate the effects of a bad day at school.

Establish control - A strong positive impression on the first day will set you in for the rest of the term. The children will probably be just as nervous as you. Let them understand that while you care about their wellbeing, and will do your best to help, you do not condone indiscipline and indolence.

So organise yourself, sleep well, have a healthy breakfast, dress appropriately, be punctual and wear a smile. If you do not enjoy the first part of the ride, understand it will be over soon.

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