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How to design the perfect IT suite

General Info November 29th 2021
How to design the perfect IT suite

A well-equipped ICT suite is an essential investment for any school. Computers facilitate learning in a way that no other resource can. Given that the majority of children now have access to computers and the internet at home, ensuring they are educated properly on how to use them responsibly has never been more important.

The design and layout of an IT suite are just as important as the equipment it contains. As technology and digital learning techniques both continue to evolve, so must the learning environment we provide children. Here's what you need to know to design an IT suite that is practical, uncluttered, and equipped to keep pace with the ongoing advances in IT learning.

Take stock of your equipment

Before you can start thinking about the specifics of your IT suite design, you need to know exactly what equipment you'll be incorporating into it. Depending on how much space you have to work with, you might either find yourself trying to work out how to fit all your equipment into the available space, or you might find yourself looking for ways to fill the empty space you have remaining.

In either case, your priority should be ensuring you have all the most essential components in place. That means having enough computers, children's school desks and school desks teachers can use, and a whiteboard to help you teach and present.

Consider ergonomics

Designing an IT suite that provides an effective learning environment is about more than just filling it with computers. Ergonomics have a critical role to play in ensuring pupils can focus on their lessons. There are two important components to ergonomic design; the right school furniture and the right room layout. Both of these are necessary if you want to create a comfortable and efficient IT suite.

Flexible room layouts

The more flexible your IT suite, the more you can do with it. A well-designed and optimised IT suite that has to remain rigid and static will always be a less versatile learning environment than one that can be rearranged or adjusted. The ability to move furniture around enables you to change the focal point of your lessons and maintain easy access to space and equipment for both teachers and pupils.

A well-designed IT suite is one of the most powerful learning resources any school can have. But creating an effective ICT suite is about more than just filling it with computers, you also need to think about your layout and the other furniture you use.

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