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How to provide more support to ADHD pupils

General Info July 25th 2018
How to provide more support to ADHD pupils

When it comes to running an active, engaging and education-friendly classroom, it can be a delicate balance to ensure your pupils are developing, learning and connecting at the same rate. When it comes to those children who need a little extra support in order to achieve their best potential, such as children with ADHD, it's important to ensure they're making the most of their time. With Scottish schools failing pupils with ADHD due to lack of training and accommodation, it's more important than ever to understand what's needed to help your students to succeed.

Here are just a few ways that more support can be provided to ADHD pupils in the classroom:

Offer extra support - Offering extra support by way of additional resources, or simply some one-on-one time with a teacher can provide the support that pupils with ADHD may need to focus better and structure their day. In Scottish schools, this need for training and support has left students with this condition more than six times more likely to be expelled. This kind of support can not just help that specific pupil to act appropriately and work better within an education setting; it can also enable other pupils to be less distracted and improve their quality of learning.

Being able to provide this support can be invaluable to the classroom, ensuring that work is completed more easily and the management of behaviours is more consistent and efficient.

Designate specific classroom areas - Structure and the controlled management of different zones or activity areas can be a benefit for many children, including pupils with ADHD. Utilising educational furniture such as school desks and school chairs as tools to separate or designate areas can go a long way towards providing a more structured school day, and ensuring your students are on-task when it comes to the work you need them to do. This kind of tailored support can help children to structure their time and day far more easily.

This could be different seating areas for various activities, the use of different furniture at different times of the day or simply changing the way your classroom is laid out to match each action or type of learning.

Stay on-plan - Many pupils with ADHD will already have specific plans or guidelines set out with their families in order to improve their well-being and encourage their learning and development. With parents calling for Scottish schools to implement this support system, continuing with this plan during the school day can go a long way towards improving their education and behaviours.

Encouraging collaboration and inclusion with other children, by using shared tables, for example, may be part of the plan and can be used to manage behaviour and reduce isolation in pupils with this condition.

If you're looking to better support students with extra needs or requirements, educational furniture or equipment can be excellent tools in helping to manage behaviours, increase learning and improve classroom interactions. Take a look at our full range of products today.

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