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Live to Play with PlayAlive

General Info June 24th 2016

There is always emphasis on the importance of the playground when it comes to schools. The need for “play time” is paramount throughout our education process and the company “PlayAlive” is no stranger to having realised how much can be achieved with creating structures that offer a combination of interactive and physical activity.

These days, technology plays a huge part in our day to day lives. I am no exception, being someone who is glued to his phone despite hardly anything of interest happening on there! PlayAlive ensures that children are able to make the most of “sensory” and computer technology during their break times, preparing them for a future where technology seems to be something that nobody can escape from!

“We want to create play equipment that promotes physical activity.”

Using “computer-based play equipment”, the Danish based company develops climbing frames and other playground structures that connect children’s fascination with the virtual World to “physical movement and play” which is very important when growing up.

Live to Play with PlayAlive image 1

Like playground specialists MONSTRUM, the designers at PlayAlive are aware and focused on the importance of the play area and the mental benefits that can be gained from their designs for the education sector. Having different platforms creates individuality and relates to the personalities of the pupils. A drive for personal creativity is built and physical activity is encouraged, two important factors growing up.

Priding themselves as being “unique”, the company uses “adaptive” programmes that monitor the level in the game and “adjust the challenges” based on the participant. This challenges them individually and stimulates development of their brain within their own capacity.

All the PlayAlive equipment is tailored and made-to-measure. They are appropriate for all levels of pupils and even adults and ensure that the most can be taken from them. Some of their main projects include “PlayAlive Landscape”, “PlayAlive Spider” and “PlayAliveHandicap”, all of which are manufactured with the interactive programmes included. There are a number of games that can be selected for these, which encourage team work and encourage physical movement.

PlayAlive Handicap is specifically designed for the mentally and physically disabled, showing that the playground specialists are keen to ensure that every child is able to make the most of their childhood years and get the most out of their creativity side. The platforms that the PlayAlive Handicap offers are customised to suit the individual, ensuring that they are able to play to their individual level.

Live to Play with PlayAlive image 2

“Play is a human right. Play is the way to understand our World and our fellow human beings.”

For PlayAlive it is important that children are able to play on “equal terms”. Using their specialised software that is able to monitor the participants “strength” makes this possible. The structures and interactive games that are created and combined challenge the mind as well as the body. The playground activities contribute to a developing, healthy and above all fun childhood. I wish I had one of these at school!

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Developing products that encourage children’s intellect, health and social skills, PlayAlive designs and creates a playground that ensures that children are able to get the most out of the all-important “play time” in schools. Focusing on technology, creativity and physical activity, the structures ensure that children are able to grow “prepared” for a future of technology and team work whilst remaining healthy doing so!

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