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My School Desk – My Safe Personal Space

General Info about us February 22nd 2022

“Children are the same, wherever you go” – to paraphrase this old Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney song.

But are they? Not quite…

Homeschooling uncovered deep divisions amongst the children of our country, not only based around the possession and use of technology.

A lot of children and young adults had to share rooms, laptops and especially working spaces such as work desks, with mums, dads, brothers or sisters and even pets!

On returning to school, they have had to keep at a distance from their friends in the classroom.

One silver lining: they re-discovered personal working space.

Learning in the classroom happens through the use of all our senses. The school desk, their closest personal “tool”, their quiet personal space, offers all five.

The first thing the pupil notices is its smell – new, fresh, clean. Clean means safe. Safety means a lot these days to parents and children who may have experienced some anxiety in lockdown.

The second sense that springs into action is the touch. The smooth, cool desktop where this pupil can finally spread his/her books, her gel pens, his Monsters Inc pencil case, oh and that slightly rough but solid circular dip for the water bottle… Perfect!

They inspect the size, the colour and the visible position of the desk compared to their friends'… “Hmmm, I’m too far from Timmy, can I move before the teacher notices?” The eyes have it! “This is MY desk.”

When writing, bent over the exercise book, on a task, the desk is not quiet. The pupils can hear the fast run of pens against polished wood, the change of pencils to highlighters. In the quiet of the study hour, the desk offers its support and sends audible signals of hard work and teamwork.

Many might say that one cannot taste the school desk’s contribution. You would be wrong. How many times has an ink cartridge or a felt tip pen burst in young hands? It drips on the desk, they clean it before the teacher sees the mess. Later, however many times they wash their hands, they faintly taste that ink while eating their packed lunch. Now desk and pupil have a secret – it will never be the same boring, common desk to them, ever again.

To a child who is about to find again space and confidence in a post-Covid learning environment, a shiny, new desk is a friend. To equip your school with safer, socially distanced school desks, browse our range today or get in touch for help.

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