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Our Top 10 Teachers Battles

Classroom Tips, Teacher Guidance January 2nd 2019
Our Top 10 Teachers Battles

Teachers can feel exhausted after a long day, but that is the least of a teacher's worries. From bees that come to class, to breaking wind, chewing gum stuck to the underside of school chairs and broken classroom desks, a teacher has a lot to deal with. We have tried to put ourselves into teacher’s shoes for a day.

Afternoon nap - “Are you sleeping, George?” “No, teacher”, says George with the last webs of sleep still hanging on his eyes. Two and a half minutes later: “You are sleeping George”. “No, am not”. As you try to conceal your frustration with George, Elizabeth starts snoring!

The broken school desk – Which one of you broke the desk? None of the students seem to ever know the answer to that question. This is the 8th broken desk within a week and no student has ever been caught doing it. As a teacher, you are supposed to follow up that case.

The chewing queen - She won’t stop chewing, even if the school board of management gathered to discuss her bad habit. Her chewing habit has been taken up by her friends Kim, Peter and Ashley too!

Non-uniform day - A kid wearing a big round hat sits next to another who tried dressing like Lady Gaga. You are now explaining the journey to Canaan and the battles the Israelites faced. You can help but wish you were somewhere but school.

It never stops - The kids won't stop breaking wind; to them, it sounds funny. To a teacher, it’s just another distraction. It does not take more than a few minutes after the first fart before another one goes off.

Paper jam - You are late to photocopy some learning resources for your class. Bam - a paper jam. This only occurs when you need something urgent and important. Had you been photocopying waste paper for no particular reason, the photocopier would produce 1000 copies a minute. You gnash your teeth and wish for superpowers.

Checking assignments - After a tiring class, a teacher has to check the kids assignments. You go through different books and assignment sheets, project booklets, exam papers and much more. Sometimes, you check assignments long after the working hours. After the assignments, a teacher has to prep for the next class.

The visiting bee - Just when the kids have managed to concentrate on your lesson, no chewing, no nap, no breaking wind and no paper jams, a bee shows up. She surely knows how to make an entrance and how to be felt. She buzzes from one corner to the other and everyone of them is going to be stung of course. Shouts, flapping and throwing of paper begin!

The torn charts - "Who tore that chart, James?" "Not me, teacher." "Was it you Esther?" "Not me, teacher." You give up; it is the 67th torn chart within a week from what you remember.

Clicking pens - Pens have been used to write funny quotes on school desks when a teacher is in class. When the concentration of kids fades, they start clicking the pens. It starts with one pen. Before long, it feels like the whole class is clicking pens.

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