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Perfectly organised classroom storage to please your OCD brain

Perfectly organised classroom storage to please your OCD brain

For some teachers, the idea of a messy classroom is not too bothersome and any necessary tidying can be carried out at the end of the day. For most teachers, however, messy classrooms are a major cause of stress and annoyance, and can distract them from the task of actually teaching classes. No matter how organised a tidying regime or how helpful the kids are in the classroom, pens, toys, books and more somehow seem to end up in wild and wonderful places. To combat this, it is a good idea for schools to invest in classroom storage units, which come in a range of child-friendly, stylish and intuitive designs.

Encourage children to tidy up - for classrooms of younger children, edu-quip’s range of classroom storage can provide excellent storage space for classroom equipment and toys, and even encourage children to help keep the learning environment tidy. Indeed, bright-coloured storage units with attractive designs can be a useful tool in making cleaning appear to be a fun ritual, and in helping children see their classroom as an attractive space that they would like to preserve. Plastic is also a great material for younger kids as it is lightweight, which can prevent injury. It's also strong, meaning teachers will not have to keep on replacing classroom storage.

Showcase your books - while robust plastic storage units can be great to store bigger classroom items, bookshelves and shelving units are great pieces of furniture to get the bookworms of the classroom involved in keeping the learning environment neat, and to ensure books are well preserved. Indeed, hours of fun can be had merely organising and ordering books into our mobile book trolleys

Edu-quip’s range of shelving options also allow for books to be displayed with their full covers on show, not just their spines, encouraging children to pick up books and improve their reading skills, as well as adding a little more colour to the classroom. Shelving units are incredibly space-efficient, as they are slim and feature a great number of storage areas.

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