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Playing To Learn & To Be Inspired

General Info February 12th 2016

Play is an essential lesson that we all learn from throughout our lives. From a very young age, we know that play creates the most fun that we can have. The playground at schools has an important role in education, ensuring that our younger generation is able to use their imagination, interact with others and enjoy themselves while burning off some excess energy. There are many designers who concentrate their works into achieving such playgrounds with the purpose of allowing the imagination and fantasy to flow.

One of the greatest playground artists is the Danish designer MONSTRUM, based in Copenhagen. They have explained that their main aim when designing their playgrounds is to be “inspiring and fascinating to children as well as adults”. Wanting to appeal to everyone, all their playground structures and features are handmade from natural wood in their workshop. With love and care, they emphasise on artistic and architectural quality in their solutions and with their background experience in fine arts and design, they create thematic playgrounds. They are structures where children are given the chance to climb, slide and swing with plenty of room for fantasy and interaction, whilst familiarising themselves with their environments. Sounds incredible, truly inspiring!

Playing To Learn & To Be Inspired image 1

“At MONSTRUM we believe that great playgrounds should reflect the World. Children need to experience a bit of danger and feel the rush involved when they take a chance and luckily land on their feet again”.

The design team at MONSTRUM like to encourage growth from a young age, as well as engaging the mind and fantasy. With safety as a priority, the exciting constructions also give the sense of adventure and enthusiasm.

Playing To Learn & To Be Inspired image 2

The structures designed also seem to be references to lesson subjects themselves. Shipwrecked galleons reflecting history, blue whales and snakes being a reflection of biology and geographical locations like the Easter Island heads encourage knowledge of different cultures. Young students can learn a lot about these types of subjects whilst having a lot of fun doing so. If you are anything like myself, you learn a lot more about things when you are having fun. What would be better than learning about something, sat inside a wooden parrot? I wonder if they have designed and built a shark…?!

Playing To Learn & To Be Inspired image 3

“The challenge for us is not only to make playgrounds that can act as sculptures in the landscape and urban space”

Being fantastic designers, MONSTRUM always considers the use of colours, style and structure to make sure that they are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. It really is no wonder that these talented designers are creating award winning masterpieces which appeal to everyone.

Playing To Learn & To Be Inspired image 4

As Nielson, CEO and Head of Design at MONSTRUM has so wonderfully concluded:

“The playgrounds have to tell us stories just from looking at them and they should bring a smile to active users and passers-by. Our playgrounds must be more than just playgrounds”.

I never knew that playground designs could be so inspiring. It is a joy to know that our younger generations are so wonderfully thought of and these paramount play times will help with the growth of life experience. Beautiful! Now to look into getting a blue whale climbing frame for us “kids” here at Edu-Quip…!

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