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Sport in schools in a post-Covid world

General Info December 14th 2021

Schools in the UK have been opened and closed multiple times for almost two years, and as a result of this many students will have had to use online learning platforms at home. Lockdown may have had a positive effect on students’ wellbeing with an increased amount of quality time spent with the family in a positive environment, however, for some this might not be the case.

School exercise post Covid 19

Exercise and engaging in an active lifestyle are key players in promoting a healthy body and mind, and schools should make sure to encourage movement and participation in school sports and games.

Throughout lockdown, space confinements and limited resources may have resulted in students not being able to move much at all, especially when poor weather means that going outside doesn’t seem so enjoyable.

For those schools that were able to provide Physical Education lessons during lockdown through online learning, this would have mainly consisted of theory sessions, with perhaps a few ideas for the children and families to get active and move.

The return to school

Emphasis on movement was one of the key priorities when it came to welcoming students back into school. Luckily, there are many ways that classroom layout and design can contribute to this.

Social distancing mats can be used in classrooms and halls to allow the students to make the most out of the space in a safe and easy-to-follow way. With these, students can still play games and move around while maintaining an appropriate distance apart.

Investing in some more equipment for sport and exercise sessions can be extremely beneficial in allowing students to burn off energy before settling back to their school desks. More equipment means you can create a more varied use of the space, whether that’s including balancing benches, springboards, or indoor climbing panels.

Encouraging and allowing for full use of space in movement and exercise can only be beneficial for the students’ wellbeing and physical health, and with our equipment, there is nothing stopping your students from getting active in a safe and positive way.

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