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Students are more alert in the afternoons

Industry News August 21st 2017
Students are more alert in the afternoons

Until recently recently it was widely thought that students were more alert in the mornings but thankfully, a scientific experiment has been carried out that may have settled the debate once and for all.

One only has to remember back to their own school-going days, when getting out of bed in the mornings never seemed to get any easier as the years progressed.

That feeling of drifting off at your school desk and wanting to be back in bed could take a number of hours to shake, so the suggestion that this should be a time of great alertness among students was a strange one.

Too sleepy to learn about the literary greats:

For many, the first few classes could be as much an exercise in removing sleep from their eyes as it was in learning about the works of Shakespeare or quadratic equations.

The lunch bell would spark enthusiasm and excitement among students. An opportunity to chat among friends as well as refuel with food and drink. With all of that considered, it makes sense that levels of alertness are raised in the afternoon.

BBC Terrific Science is the name of the campaign that has delivered the findings. Carried out alongside the University of Oxford, this study primarily focused on 900 UK-based schoolchildren.

Every child took part in tests which were designed to measure their reaction times in the morning as well as the afternoon. Levels of tiredness at both stages of the day were also recorded.

Long-held beliefs will have to be altered:

The findings have caused something of a stir as they contradict what has been considered gospel for years.

The key contradiction focuses on the practice of schools scheduling maths and literary lessons in the morning, at a time when students are supposed to be more awake to learning.

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