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Tablet chairs for classrooms?

General Info about us March 2nd 2022

Why have tablet chairs for classrooms become more popular all around the world? The answer should be clear: we live in the digital era, everything that surrounds us is influenced by the latest technologies.

The usage of the latest technologies becomes a way of life for modern students, who are often more familiar with gadgets than teachers. Today we can witness positive changes in traditional schools and education systems all around the world. Such improvements have also contributed to the increased popularity of tablet chairs for classrooms that are transforming traditional wooden or plastic desks by offering more flexible furniture design.

Have you ever asked yourself if tablet chairs for classrooms are worth their cost? Think about it: a classroom is a place where pupils and teachers must be in contact with each other, creating real values in terms of communication. Some teachers don’t like tablet chairs for classrooms simply because they want to keep their old-school habits, so they still prefer basic plastic or wooden seats. But who are we to decide?

Everyone has different preferences regarding education (including teachers). This is why it's so hard to give a definitive answer on whether tablet chairs for classrooms are worth their cost or not. And yes, maybe you will never be able to acquire all the information you need to give an opinion that would be worthwhile and so we draw on our own experience of chairs with tablets.

Chairs with tablets, traditionally known as chairs with writing tablets, have always been popular in our experience. Following the outbreak of Covid-19, we have seen a huge increase in demand for these type of classroom chairs which are not only used in classrooms but in conference settings, multipurpose space and quiet study spaces. Social distancing must be a factor for increased demand too and therefore their popularity has increased over the past two years.

So, are tablet chairs for classrooms are worth their cost? It’s a yes from us and below is a summary of three chairs at varying price points.

Our PP1 Poly Chair with Writing Tablet is a competitive chair which is fitted with two brackets on either leg for a writing tablet which can be swapped sides effortlessly. Available in a choice of five shell colours and six frame colours, this chair is manufactured to a high standard within the UK. PP1 has a durable heavy duty polypropylene shell for guaranteed stability.

Our Slyde Plywood Flip-Up Chair with Writing Tablet is a mid price chair which is perfect for use either as an individual chair or as part of a group within study spaces. The solid, seven layer thick plywood seat and back provide a durable yet stylish seating solution. The 22mm metal frame is available in a choice of Chrome or Aluminium. Each chair comes with an integral locking clip which allows for an easy and quick connection to the seats next to it.

The Slyde comes with an additional large plywood writing tablet, which is designed to provide as much of a writing area as possible without the need for a desk. This helps to maintain floor-space and when the tablet is not required, it can be flipped down out of the way.

Number three is our 351 Campus Student chair which is a high-end chair with a swinging writing tablet and a seat pad.  351 is perfect for all study spaces. Set on mobile casters 351 encourages movement. Students can move around so that they are more interactive, collaborative, comfortable and engaged. The base of the chair allows for bag or tablet storage.

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