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The benefits of flexible classroom furniture

General Info about us July 26th 2017
The benefits of flexible classroom furniture

As with many aspects of modern life, things are changing and so is our education system. Moving forward with the times means finding ways to improve and facilitate the learning process. For a growing number of teachers and schools, this means incorporating flexible classroom furniture into the pupil's place of learning, and here are the 3 main benefits of doing just that.

As a pupil, no doubt you would have fallen, at least at times, into the “them and us” culture of teacher dominance. In many cases, this breeds resentment and a desire to go against teacher demands and forgo learning. However, by providing a flexible classroom environment where pupils can sit where they want and with who they want demonstrates trust and a desire to give them the best place to learn. In turn, and by properly following a few simple rules, they can take co-ownership of the classroom and be more susceptible to a desire to learn because they want to rather than because they have to.

By being able to better move around the room and arrange for special purposes, it is far easier to facilitate team learning exercises. Rather than everyone facing the front with the teacher dictating thoughts, you are able to allow students to engage in comfortable group discussions around the room or even arrange every chair and school desk around a central point, whereby everyone is a part of major discussions.

When leaving school and finding work, students quickly realise that the classroom environment is far different to that which they will find in an office. Especially nowadays where many businesses are incorporating fun and enjoyable working spaces and allowing workers to take ownership of their own space. Flexible classroom furniture allows better adaptability to the environment the pupils will experience upon leaving school and entering the world of work. An ability to engage with and work with others in the classroom will also prove beneficial when in employment.

For more information on how you can implement this yourself and for ideas visit and check out the range of products on offer from Edu-Quip, who have, for years, worked closely with schools and governments to provide the best quality classroom furniture. And if you can't find what you are looking for speak to a member of our in house design team who can source additional products, at competitive prices, and visualise any space using the latest in 3D technology.

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