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The Benefits of PE in Schools

Physical Education was always the lesson I personally dreaded back in school. I am not really one for partaking in anything that involves exercise… I would love to put it down to lack of enthusiasm, but anyone who knows me knows that it is pure laziness!

However, despite not being too keen on the lessons, I always had great fun during PE and there are plenty of benefits that can be achieved. It is now also a lesson the government is trying to emphasise on, that has many benefits that can be achieved for teachers as well as pupils.

Here are some of the benefits that I have found:

For some, it is their only weekly exercise

Although it isn’t the case for everyone, for a lot of young pupils PE class is the only exercise they may get during the week. The lessons are a chance for them to burn off any excess energy and increase their physical health. The lessons are also beneficial for the physical growth of our younger generation, strengthening their muscles and building and them up.

Boosts confidence and breaks down barriers

The change of scenery from textbooks and essay writing is a great way of improving the pupils’ mood and motivation. With the mood levels improving, the young students are more likely to work harder and better in their other classes. PE is also a chance for them as individuals to achieve something, like scoring a goal which raises their morale and increases their self-confidence. Many sports also involve a lot of team work which can also increase friendships between classmates. It is a lot easier to speak to each other and have a laugh whilst playing a sport, than it is during a Maths lesson (trust me, I got told off in class a good few times for being a chatterbox).

Creates lasting memories

A lot of article writers have mentioned that they have many fond memories from PE. The teamwork that is involved creates a lot of memorable scenarios with others. Despite not having had a real passion for PE, I must admit when my friends and I meet up there are a lot of nostalgia that relates back to PE. Mainly when a game of basketball turned into a game of rugby… We used to take competitively to a whole new level!

Builds teamwork

As mentioned before, one of the main benefits that PE can offer pupils is teamwork. Working together is becoming more and more paramount in future careers. PE offers an introduction to how important this is, setting them up for any future career choices. It is a lesson where you are able to achieve something yourself, promoting self-pride, but also where you are able to achieve something together as a team.

There are of course many other benefits that stem from PE lessons in school. It is as important to the school curriculum as the other subjects and it is no wonder the government is currently focusing on PE in schools.

The happier mood and improved morale is also beneficial to teachers as well as the pupils. The mood that is created after burning excess energy will allow pupils to feel more relaxed, thus focusing on the other subjects more. It has also been argued that grades and friendships can be improved through physical education. A lesson that definitely deserves more attention!

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