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The benefits of sit stand desks

Classroom Ergonomics March 11th 2020
The benefits of sit stand desks
As we look toward the summer months and the traditional school refurb programe, many schools are beginning to discover the benefits of height-adjustable desks. Originally, height-adjustable desks or sit stand desks were introduced into the classroom environment to accommodate students with disabilities but more and more schools are discovering the convenience of height adjustable desks for their entire classroom. We explore this topic in more detail below...
Sit stand school desks can improve focus - When students are forced to sit for a long period of time in an uncomfortable, cramped position, blood circulation is substantially inhibited, lowering their focus. Having adjustable desks, however, allows them to change their desk height, helping them to create a comfortable seating position and improve blood circulation and mental focus.
Sit stand desks - Like other people, students may experience discomfort and chronic pain from sitting all day. The human body can react negatively to prolonged sitting and the reaction comes in the form of back pain, damaged nerves, chronic headaches, and joint pain. These are problems that can be addressed by standing class desks.
Height adjustable desks will enable students to alter their desks to a comfortable standing position will allow students to use their desks in a more intuitive way.
Increased energy - Sitting in one position for too long can not only cause discomfort but can cause students to be lethargic and increase fatigue levels. By adjusting their sitting position and table height efficiently, students will have much more energy and majorly decrease their risk of sustaining an injury from sitting in the same position for too long.
Discreet - Not all disabilities are visible or immediately obvious, for disabled students who need to sit in an adjustable school desk in order to be comfortable and complete their work efficiently, having a classroom full of seating options feels like a much more inclusive environment, rather than forcing disabled students to feel like they are regulated to a certain seat. Similarly, a student may not feel comfortable asking to sit at an adjustable desk, so by ensuring every desk is adjustable, teachers can feel confident that even shy students are catered for and can complete their work.
Could your classroom benefit from adjustable height desks?
If you are planning to acquire furniture for an educational establishment, keep adjustable desks in mind.
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