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The First Day at School as a Website

General Info January 14th 2016

The beginning of 2016 saw the launch of our newest website, Edu-Quip. After the years of planning and the months of organizing, the launch has felt very much like watching our child attend the first day of school. As our child, sorry, I meant website, is now live I was wondering if the helpful tips for “The First days at school” could relate to the process that we are going through at the moment? Luckily, as it has given me something to write about, I have found a couple of pointers that were relevant:

Get Organised

We have been working really hard on getting things organised and added to the website. Much like buying books, uniforms and stationery, many categories and products have been added. Making the website look as good as possible has been like making the kids look presentable for school in the morning. It has been quite different to making sure that the lunch boxes are prepared though! We have also been working really hard on labelling products rather than uniforms. Although there is still a lot to do, the dream team has been prepared and we remain organised for the months ahead (I think).

The First Day at School as a Website image 1

Talk About What Can Be Expected

Although this is the fourth website that the company has launched, the sense of pride remains just as strong. Just like the feeling when you see your child attend school for the first time! So communication is key. This is going to be an ongoing project and like the education process it is all working towards a better future. New products, like new lessons and curriculums, will surface so it will be paramount that the team is informed about this. It will be a good idea to contact the new suppliers and make new friends. The best friendships are always formed at school so why not make them at work?

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On The First Day

Having to deal with separation anxiety is going to be a tough one! Having worked so hard on the site, committing yourself to all those hours and then watching it all work on it’s own is going to be rough… but there is still that sense of pride and achievement that we will have to focus on. Mind you, with an ever-growing website, we don’t really have to worry about being left alone. It will be like a bird that never leaves the nest! So we don’t need to stress too much and carry on being proud of what has been achieved.

The First Day at School as a Website image 3

Settling In

“Make sure everyone is comfortable in the situation”. We are all okay with this, we have great desks to work from and the new guy even got a new chair! What can we say? We are all star pupils here! But it will still be important for us to familiarize ourselves with the new people we are going to meet. Much like speaking to your children and familiarizing yourself with teachers, it will be important for us to keep in touch with our customers and suppliers. The key point will be to “be nice and not forceful”.

Just like our parents told us for all those years; “Everything will be fine!” It will, no doubt, become another best few years of our lives… Here we go!

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