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The importance of good ergonomic classroom chairs

The importance of good ergonomic classroom chairs

Adults are expected to spend long hours of the day sitting in offices and without good seating quickly develop back pains. However, what many have failed to realise until now is that the same logic needs to be applied to children’s classrooms where students are expected to sit for several hours a day. Beyond the physical stresses this can create, it can also affect many other aspects of a classroom learning environment. So here are four key reasons demonstrating the importance of good ergonomic classroom chairs.

1. Encourages movement - Research carried out into the way in which humans sit has found that we are naturally prone to adjusting ourselves in a chair almost constantly, be this either for balancing purposes or for getting into a new comfortable position altogether. What this means is that current rigid-style chairs don’t allow for this natural movement, whereas ergonomic chairs encourage various more comfortable seating positions, and swivel from side to side.

2. Healthier muscles - Common classroom furniture was produced to encourage bolt upright posture which was deemed suitable in the 20th century. However, it’s been found that instead of encouraging the healthiest posture, it actually leads to improper physical exertion on certain muscles which leads to poorer posture. Not to mention, kids often choose to use the chairs to sit in different positions anyway, given the physical constraints. However, modern ergonomic furniture takes into account the most healthy position to sit and encourages proper muscle exertion with ease.

3. It sets the trend for your posture - As mentioned, there is a lot of worry about how adults are developing poor posture because of the amount of time they spent seated in less ergonomic chairs. But in truth, people actually start developing these posture patterns at age seven, so poor ways of sitting at such a young age will have a massive effect on our physical well being in the future. It is therefore important that we use ergonomic chairs in the classroom to start good habits for posture, rather than bad ones.

4. Better learning - Naturally, good ergonomic chairs are far more comfortable and thus allow for more relaxed students. In turn, this leads to a number of learning benefits including better attention levels, better memory and better concentration. In turn, this leads to a far easier environment in which to absorb information.

Edu-quip has long been a leader in providing ergonomic classroom furniture as we believe that children deserve the healthiest start to life possible and that begins with comfortable classroom seating. If you need some help selection the right ergonomic classroom chairs for your school speak to a member of our team who will be able to assist and check out the ever popular Titan and Postura classroom seating.

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