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Titan Chairs: Masters of the Ergonomic Classroom

We all remember those days, sat in a classroom, trying to get comfortable and listening to the teacher or in my case, a lot of clock watching. The generic layout of the classroom with simple tables and chairs, stems back to the post war period and studies are finding that young children might be suffering physically as well as academically, due to bad posture.

“With the exception of the introduction of polypropylene chairs in the 1970s there has been no significant innovation in educational furniture in the last fifty years.”

It has been found that children who are uncomfortable tend to fidget and become restless and distracted. This leads to a lack of concentration as well as future physical problems, as FIRA has mentioned in one of their articles:

“13 percent of children aged 10-16 have significant incidence of recurrent back pain. This increases to adult levels by the age of 16”

The article also explains that the problems are caused by furniture not matching the size of the particular child. Chairs and tables in the classroom, at set heights, can become problematic for young pupils, not only in classrooms, but also later in life.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about bringing better ergonomic solutions into office spaces, ensuring a more comfortable working space for employees. Just recently this has transpired into the classroom, with campaigners pushing for healthier classrooms as well as healthier school dinners.

The main objective for the design solutions has been to focus on the connection between good posture leading to better academic grades, through increased concentration levels.

So what can classroom furniture designers and manufacturers do to improve the quality of the years spent at school for the younger generation?

Become Classroom Seating Titans

Titan Furniture are fast becoming pioneers within the design industry with their award winning Titan chairs and Titan height adjustable tables. In 2014 they received the GESS Award for most innovative product at the Education Show in Dubai. They produced the first “One Piece” Polypropylene stacking classroom chair in the UK that achieves EN1729 Parts 1 & 2 and their triumphs towards better furniture in schools continue.

Titan Chairs: Masters of the Ergonomic Classroom image 1

The seating range that Titan manufactures “encourages good posture, promoting comfort, stability and strength”. They also carry a 15 year guarantee, showing the trust that they have in the quality of their items.

The stylish, colourful chairs come in a selection of sizes to accommodate the differences between young pupils. The sizes range from Age 1 to Adult and are complemented in size with Titan’s height adjustable tables. This ensures that the chair offers good posture for anybody using them throughout education years, from primary school to university. These products ensure that everyone is able to learn comfortably and to the best of their abilities. The bright colours that are offered create a colourful area to learn in and may help the classroom become an area that the children will actually want to be in!

Titan Chairs: Masters of the Ergonomic Classroom image 2

Chaigeley School is one of the happy schools that has already seen the benefit of having the Titan chairs as part of their classroom décor, explaining:

“These (Titan) chairs have greatly enhanced the look and feel of the classrooms, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by both staff and students alike. ”

So happy with their new classroom, even a few of the students have nothing but good things to say about the chairs:

“They are all more comfortable than the old chairs.”

“They are ‘proper’ strong.”

In Holland, where I went to primary school, they had different sized desks as well. I remember this clearly as I was the shortest in class. The connection between good posture and better grades has already been seen and implemented in other European countries, such as Denmark and Sweden. The UK is now also fast seeing better results and are starting to bring the ergonomics into the classroom to make the most of the benefits. Inspiring stuff! Make sure you come check out our range of Titan Chairs to encourage healthy learning!

Titan Chairs: Masters of the Ergonomic Classroom image 3

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