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Tom Dixon’s “Stationery Family”

Art & Design, Arts & Crafts, Seasonal April 26th 2017

Seeing as it is World Stationery Day during National Stationery Week (24th- 30th April 2017), who better to write about than one of my favourite designers: Tom Dixon? Having previously written about his "Bronté Restaurant" and his launch of “Workspace”, he has never failed to inspire me with his creations. The “Stationery Family” has been created for “those who still cherish an analogue life”. In true Dixon style, the accessories all embrace simplicity with contemporary designs, making an elegant and stunning finish. This brings something timelessly practical into modern life.

Tom Dixon’s “Stationery Family” image 1

Cube Alloy Stationery Sets

Coinciding with Dixon’s Workspace range, the Cube Alloy range is compact, stylish and extremely contemporary. Although very simple in its finished look, the accessories are very desirable as well as practical, as Dixon has mentioned:

“Cube is an exercise in absolute minimalism.”

The 'Cube Family' includes a pen, a tape dispenser and a desk tidy. Keeping up with the dependency on technology in recent years, the set also includes a tablet stand. These are perfect for anyone who likes to keep a tidy desk.

Tom Dixon’s “Stationery Family” image 2

'Stripped to its bare essentials', the British designer has used raw materials and a simplistic style to create an everlasting look. A heavyweight substance has also been used to add to an executive, authoritative look and means that things are likely to stay in place on the desk. Having used a simple, fashionable style also means that the stationery sets are more than likely to suit any environment, whether a classroom or head teacher’s office.

A Stationery Eleganza

“A quest to depart from slavery to the mouse and screen, creating functional office accessories inspired by radical geometry, minimalism and the idea of intuitive functionality.”

The beautiful style and inspiring creativity flows throughout the rest of Dixon’s stationery range. Throughout the creations he has continued to make use of solid materials to create the triumphant pieces. For any stationery fanatic, who loves to be organised, there is plenty of joy to know that the 'Family' includes stunning bookworms, container desk tidies, rulers and much more!

Pocket and sketch books are also part of the collection and the desk tidies are made from cogs, which are perfect for resting your pens. The industrial style is emphasised using cogs. Cogs can also be a reference to how stationery items are necessary instruments that 'make the machine work'.

Tom Dixon’s “Stationery Family” image 3

The collection also features a range of beautiful pens. Each of these are individually stylish, creating independent works of art with their own distinctive characteristics. So inspirational!

From pens to lighting and furniture, Tom Dixon has never failed to create something that is truly so awe-inspiring. The practicality of the “Stationery Family” is never far from the designer’s mind and the end results are breath-taking. I personally never thought that I could become so taken by something so simple. Trust Dixon to show us that beauty can be seen and created out of sheer simplicity.

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Image credits and sources: Tom Dixon

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