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Two top drama exercises that every virtual classroom needs…

General Info November 22nd 2021
Two top drama exercises that every virtual classroom needs...

We are all aware that classrooms have evolved, and teachers are still adapting to the changes to ensure cohesion and good group dynamics amongst the class even while students and teacher are not sharing the same space. Below are two of the (many) top drama games that you can play virtually with students, even while they're not at their school desks. These activities are suitable for any level of education and encourage focus, energy and teamwork.

'Jack in the Box'

In ‘Jack in the Box’, one person is selected to be the leader; this student calls out how many faces they want there to be on screen. For example, if there was a group of 20, the leader could ask for 12 faces. The leader then counts down, and the group move to show or hide their face on camera by covering it with their hands, or by physically moving out of the shot. They can do this at any pace they want. They could stay on camera the whole time, or move in and out often.

The leader then shouts freeze and everyone must stop exactly where they are. The leader wins if 12 faces are on the screen; if there are more or less, they lose and a new person becomes the leader.

This exercise works brilliantly with younger students, as it allows them to be silly and also encourages focus. With older students, the exercise becomes more tactical and also raises energy.

Drama game bee

'Buzzy Bees'

‘Buzzy Bees’ is a creative and joyful exercise. The leader/teacher calls out a letter and everyone has 20 seconds to turn themselves into something that begins with that letter and freeze.

The leader then goes around and asks each person what they are. If two or more people have become the same thing then they are out and should turn their camera off. You could also assign a number of 'lives' to give students more chances and keep the game going longer. You can even award additional lives for the best image each round, or the most unique idea.

You could add additional rules such as students have to incorporate props or they have to become a certain kind of object etc. Another brilliant exercise, this time one that incorporates more of a physical involvement, lets off some steam and is a really fun, morale-boosting activity.

Hopefully, you will find these group exercises effective while students are at home. When your students are ready to return to the classroom, make sure you have a safe and effective school furniture setup that still encourages collaboration while avoiding sharing the same space. Browse our range to find out more.

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