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UK Teacher Shortage

General Info about us November 16th 2017
UK Teacher Shortage

There is a serious teacher shortage in the UK, with over 40,000 leaving the profession each year. The main cause for concern in the industry is the high pressure put on teachers and the need to work excessive hours to keep up with demands. This is leaving many schools looking overseas for resources – a cost which amounts to over £10 million. Teachers are not simply looking for good salaries and benefits, they expect a positive environment and opportunities for growth. If you want to improve the recruitment and retention levels in your school, these are some highly effective ways to do it.

Value your employees - the job of a teacher is not an easy one and with many working more than 60 hours each week, there is a serious issue with work and life balance in the profession. If you want to improve your recruitment efforts and ensure you keep the key talent in your school, it is important to value your employees. This may include offering opportunities to learn and develop, as well as collaboration with other teachers to exchange skills and knowledge.

Open communication - teachers are generally in the profession for the love of it, rather than the salary and benefits. They want to feel respected and that their ideas are taken on board. In order to keep your teachers happy, it is important to ensure open communication and the ability for them to have control over classes and individual teaching. Many teachers leave the profession because they don’t feel that they are able to teach in the way they wish, so by ensuring they can express their ideas and have a degree of control, you are more likely to be able to retain them.

Create a comfortable environment - as teachers tend to spend far longer in the workplace than many other professions, it is important to create a comfortable environment for them to work. This includes investing in high-quality classroom furniture and products for the school or other educational establishment. It may not seem like an important purchase, but it can go a long way to ensuring teachers feel valued and that the space they are working in is as comfortable as possible for them.

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