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What Happens to Old School Chairs?

General Info September 10th 2017
What Happens to Old School Chairs?

Not only do chairs provide seating, but a well-designed chair will improve posture and aid learning. But what happens to old school chairs when they are no longer needed?

Below, we have a look at the amazing things they can be used for post-education:

Used in art installations - more and more artists now see the value in using furniture such as old school chairs in their works. The character that abandoned piece of furniture can bring is prized by creative people.

Popular in cafes - trending in urban cafes, bars or bistros and often refered to as the industrial look, old school style chairs can be found on our sister site cafe reality.

Restored for home use - many people now are taking an old school chair and giving it a new lease of life in their homes. With a fresh lick of paint and some restoration, they can soon look as good as new and give a unique feel to any sitting or living room.

Making clothing hangers from the backs - another fantastic home interior use for old school chairs UK is to make something else from their parts. One such use is to take the back of an old school chair, give it a new paint job and then use it stood up to hang clothes on.

Re-used as a chair in other settings - just because a school chair may have been replaced by a newer model in an educational setting, doesn't mean it is of no use elsewhere. Many old school chairs still have years of solid use in them, and will be very welcome to charities or public places like youth centres.

Used out in the garden - yes, that's right! One of the greatest ideas to re-use an old school chair is to get it out into the fresh air in a garden or allotment. They make perfect pieces of equipment to grow things up such as Raspberry bushes, Ivy or trailing Roses. As well as being functional, they are eye-catching and unique in their visual appeal too.

As you can see, there are many ways you can re-use old school furniture like chairs, and this is very often what happens to them after leaving a school. If you have an old school chair knocking around, why not try one of these brilliant ways to repurpose it yourself?

Image credit: <a href="[email protected]/">Party's Over</a> by Thomas James Caldwell licensed under <a href="">Creative commons 6</a>

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