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Will whiteboard desks catch on in UK schools?

Classroom Desks, Classroom Tips August 1st 2017
Will whiteboard desks catch on in UK schools?

Three key trends in UK education are increasing students’ enjoyment levels to boost participation, encouraging them to express their ideas in mixed mediums and creating more opportunities for collaborative working. All of these aims that can be achieved by introducing whiteboard desks into classrooms.

It may seem strange to encourage the practice of writing on children’s school desks after discouraging for so long. However, it dovetails well with the modern way young people work things out. They are used to having mobile technology in their hand – or close by – around the clock. They can calculate, comment, make notes, post and research with a click. They also share more easily and readily that way.

Now put them at a normal school desk, and give them limited access to paper and writing implements or outlets for expression. (This is one of the reasons fidget spinners became such a craze – the UK has created a generation of students who need to keep their hands busy.)
Whiteboard desks are not just a fun and easy way for students to write and create imagery. Schools need to learn from the example being set by the world’s leading technology companies – who in turn are playing a huge role influencing the employability of current students.

The big tech companies provide their staff with multiple tools and methods to be creative, sketch, brainstorm, innovate and contribute. They know that participation and collaboration unlocks the potential of individuals.

A whiteboard desk offers a space for students to formulate, work out and calculate. Students can show what they are thinking in a visual way, as the basis of constructive discussions with peers and staff.

Of course, the downside is that it is also a temptation to doodle and leave their graffiti “tags” - but let’s be honest, students can do that already, so how big a drawback is that?

One of the current trends in school infrastructure is to find ways to use all the space available wisely and well. Whiteboard desks are sustainable education tools, that create compact, reusable workstations for students. They're ergonomically perfect for them to work at while they use the writable surface to explore their lessons.

The drawback for desk whiteboards is they are more expensive than usual student tables. However, as the UK needs thinkers, innovators and visionaries - who can collaborate with ease and communicate their ideas - giving school pupils desks that double as whiteboards is a worthwhile investment.

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