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Privacy Pods and Booths

Our privacy pods and booths work two-fold. Their acoustic nature provides a quieter atmosphere, which is unanimously seen as having a greater impact on learning than a louder one, and their construction and shape has potential to block and shield harmful transmission from those outside the booth. Privacy pods and booths have often been used in schools and colleges to offer students and pupils a quiet place to learn in a group or work individually. Pods and booths are usually upholstered in acoustic treated fabrics these types of booths can now be upholstered in wipe clean antibacterial vinyls.

Each school environment is a diverse and multi-functional place. Designated as an area for students to learn, it can range from the highly stereotypical image you imagine when you picture a classroom to a very different and dynamic location altogether, however each school is unique and doesn’t necessarily demand the same requirements as the next. Whether it’s a fast-paced, noisy room or a quieter, more methodical setting, the general consensus is that classrooms house a group of pupils and with any group comes the potential to spread harmful bacteria from one subject to another.

With the government’s emphasis on getting children back to school in September, there has never been a more advisable time to judiciously focus on providing students with equipment that not only benefits them mentally, but going forwards, physically as well.
Both the use of the word antibacterial and its more relevant applications has seen a considerable increase, recently. Offering a brilliant combat tool and enforcing higher hygiene levels, antibacterial fabrics provide peace of mind as well as defensive barriers.
Singular learning areas such as our Meta Solo Pod 3 provide individual students a peaceful and more hygienic place to learn, and booths like our Magos Duel Booth, offer a solution for areas that house more pupils, and additional booths can be set up to protect multiple children. As humanity’s focus on spread and infection has shifted and multiplied, so too has the equipment available to help action and further this important mentality.