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Classroom Aids

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Welcome to our classroom aids department which is divided into two sub departments: Presentation and Stationary. In our presentation department you will discover products such as wall mounted whiteboards, freestanding whiteboards, combination whiteboards/ notice boards and mobile information boards. Our stationary section boasts an array of products including marker pens, colouring pens & pencils, adhesives, note books and whiteboard markers.

Children’s education during the coronavirus pandemic has been a struggle to say the least but, as things start to return back to ‘normal’ uncertainly lifts and children embrace some new teaching methods, classroom aids such as whiteboards and noticeboards remain familiar and will almost certainly last the test of time in our classrooms. Younger children probably won’t even think about what the thing that stands at the front of the class is called because to them it’s ‘the thing that teachers use to convey messages and to teach’ and that’s good enough for us!

We are constantly adding to this department and so keep popping back to see new products that maybe of interest or if you require something that isn’t currently on display speak with a member of our team who will be happy to help.