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Welcome to our dance department.  We have built this section to offer an unrivalled range of practical dance staging and equipment useful for physical education and performing arts in schools, colleges and universities. 

From staging, mirrors and ballet bars to dance props and lighting, we can provide all the essentials to create exciting dance studios as standalone areas or choose from our portable staging ranges to transform sports halls into temporary Dancebuzz hubs.


Since the first dance major was approved in the Women’s Physical Education Department at the University of Wisconsin in 1926, legislation in 1972 has allowed PE to focus on a coeducational sport like dance and not just every day sports such as football or tennis.


In more recent years’ dance has become much more than an activity. It is accepted and recognised as a key part of the curriculum in educational environments for both genders. It also involves other curriculum platforms such as culture, history and art concepts that can be represented through the art and love of dance. Dance artists are encouraged to progress with their talent and gain a higher level award in the sport in order to go on and teach others.


Dance, along with all of our dance offering encourages our younger years and young adults to get active and enjoy taking part in physical education, whilst also encouraging interactive group work, social skills and confidence building. It offers a physical alternative to kicking a ball or jumping a hurdle and provides the platform for students to exercise their creativity through movement.


Dance has become known as more of an art than a sport but whichever way we look at  there is one thing for sure, dance classes in our schools, colleges and universities is well placed to encourage students to lead to a fit and healthy lifestyle.


We are constantly sourcing products for this section, so if you can’t find what you are looking for ask a member of our team who will be happy to help.