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Easy Clean Seating

With schools and educational buildings being closed for months a deep clean will be necessary prior to reopening. The new cleaning schedules will be intensified and increase in regularity this makes Easy Clean Seating a sensible option and consideration for any classroom, staff room or lecture theatre.

Wipe-clean, antibacterial, antimicrobial range of easy clean seating gives you the ability to keep those areas safer without sacrificing style and comfort. Offering an easy-clean option saves time on routine cleaning schedules as it is easy to wipe and stain resistant.
As well as adapting the physical space in order create social distancing within the educational  environment, education authorities and schools should consider key practices in terms of hygiene and facilities management. We supply stylish models such as the Solace Tub Chair V1 and Barolo Fabric Sofa all with easy-clean fabrics which will contribute positively to any environment.
Along with increased hygiene measures, easy clean antimicrobial fabrics and vinyls should now be a main consideration for schools, colleges and universities ensure the safety of pupils, teachers and staff.
Antimicrobial fabrics, unlike everyday vinyls or fabrics, have been treated to keep bacterial, fungi and viruses from growing and multiplying within the fibers.  Easy clean antimicrobial fabrics and vinyls have evolved significantly, in recent years, and feature interesting patterns or weaves whilst preventing bacterial and fungal buildup.
Polypropylene chairs are antibacterial as are incredibly easy to clean with a suitable recommended cleaning solutions. Polypropylene has always been popular in schools for this reason, they are also lightweight, stackable and ergonomically shaped ideal for canteens, classrooms and break out areas.  The Plaza Thermoplastic chair is a star pupil from ‘the school of chairs’ and it’s easy to see why. It’s stackable, colourful and can be used indoors and out thanks to its UV protective properties. It’s also environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable.
The Protium faux leather tub chair and sofa is one of our most popular easy clean, anti-bacterial indoor soft seating solutions. They are very well made and are exceptional value when comparing them to similar tub chairs and sofas on the market.  Their popularity in educational settings may be down to the choice of nine vibrant colours such as lime green, navy blue, orange and yellow.  We have supplied many schools, colleges and universities who have matched the Protium chairs and sofas to their school emblems and have mixed them up for a more playful effect.