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Play Pens, Nap Mats & Rest Beds

This is a collection of rest beds, nap mats and cots that can be used in any nursery, day care or early years establishment.

We also have panel play pens in this section that can be used for babies and small children to play in with safety and piece of mind.

Our nap mats are ideal for nap time and rest time in nursery or preschool. Usually young children and toddlers need at least one nap a day and often child minders, nurseries or day care centres don’t often have the space to keep beds and cots out all day. Our range of nap mats and rest beds can be easily moved or folded into chairs that can be used throughout the day.

Cleanliness is important in any nursery or day care or early years establishment and our nap mats, cots, rest beds and play pens are all easy to wipe clean with a cloth and we even have a few nap mats that can be thrown in the washing machine for an extra level of cleaning.

All of our nap mats and rest beds are built to last and Can be used in any high traffic area and can also be used regularly.

Easily extend your nap area with a nap mat that can easily fold into chairs or it can be placed under an adjustable height table to give babies somewhere comfortable to nap around the playgroup area. Many of our nap cots have an optional safety barrier which adds a level of security and safety.

All of our nap mats, rest beds and cots are available for a free UK mainland delivery and all have a minimum of 1 year factory warranty with many others available with longer guarantees.

For more information on our range of nap mats and beds, please contact us on 01823663880 or email us at [email protected].