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Learning Cards

You have entered our learning cards and flash cards section where we have an unrivalled choice of leaning and flash cards designed for use in pre-school and primary school environments. Learning cards are a fun way of encouraging younger years to learn new skills, grow socially, provide a basic understanding of many of the school curriculum subjects and help to optimise the learning experience.

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Flashcards have been in existence since at least the 19th century. Favell Lee Bevan developed her own method of teaching children to read based on early types of flash cards instead of the traditional hornbook which was used as a primer. A primer is the name given to a first text book such as an alphabet book which acts as a basic introduction to any educational subject.

The array of themes of and subjects covered by modern day flash cards or learning cards, which they are more commonly known, are almost endless but learning cards have one thing in common and that is to act as an aid and to prepare our preschool and primary school children for the move to further education and to provide a basic understanding of subjects they will later rely on in everyday life!

Emotions and facial expressions learning cards are a great way to encourage younger years to learn through fun. Our large 275 piece language photograph flash cards covering nouns, verbs and adjectives starts to get a bit more serious but the fun element is kept alive by brightly coloured learning cards displaying interesting and thought provoking images. A sense of competition is introduced with our listing lotto games which combines listening with early years reading. These games are incredibly good fun, engaging and are suitable for primary school children aged four years plus J