With no definitive answer as to when ropes were introduced to children as a way of skipping we plump for “rope makers”  in ancient China and Egypt  twisting long lengths of hemp into ropes  then  jumping over the ropes to retrieve strands of hemp. This became a skill which younger years were likely to have copied, using smaller pieces of rope.  There is one thing for sure, Ropes encourage early years and young adults alike to acquire and improve skipping skills such as individual skipping, partner skipping, double dutch skipping and long rope games which in turn improves balance, coordination, motor skills and general wellbeing. Whilst the rope styles of ancient times are still a firm favourite among teachers and children todays offering includes rope based activity aids from Plastic Skipping Ropes, Tug of War Ropes, Ankle Skips, Skipping packs and Jump Baton Sets.

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