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Screens and Room Dividers

Educational environments have always favoured screens and room dividers as they allow quick and efficient space division in classrooms, lecture theatres or assembly halls. Screens are now seen as a necessary safety measure in offices, schools and restaurants, protecting people from airborne droplets from coughs and sneezes. With our vast selection of  protection screens you can be sure to create a safer, calmer, learning and teaching environment.

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Classroom desks and tables are often shared as children at school tend to be in a closer proximity to one another than most other environments. Because of this, we offer a variety of solutions such as our Protect Classroom Table Glass screens. These feature tempered safety glass housed within a strong aluminium frame and come in bright bold colours perfect for classrooms and canteens. These screens are also easy to clean and disinfect in between classes or lunch sittings.

The DL Mobile Protection Screens promote versatility, flexibility, and higher hygiene levels, not only for the classroom but which would perform well in a busy canteen or staff room?
The Travis mobile freestanding whiteboard screens is multipurpose as you can use it as a room divider and white board, perfect for learning and presenting, whilst offering suitable protection levels. The lower board surface membrane can be made pinnable for displaying information or artwork.
The reception area within any working environment usually experiences the most traffic and a school’s reception quarter is no exception. Encouraging health and safety here is also vital and with our  Stay Safe Privacy Screens and Protection Reception Screens, we aim to help you promote these new measures as we work towards ‘the new normal’.
Perhaps you have a requirement for a more dynamic area that needs both colour and some form of shielding ability. Our adaptable Value Freestanding Fabric Screens in various sizes and in a substantial choice of fabric colours should meet stringent budget requirements. Not only are they cost-effective, they can spruce up your desired environment, and with their linking-facility, you create lines and learning zones with ease
If you’re looking for a pop-up, quick and easy solution, the Fold It Booth Desk Screens are practical and easy to install in less than a minute!
With so many products available at a time when sanitation has never been more necessary, protecting our future generations is an absolute must.