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Uni Staging

Our Uni Staging consists of a range of durable raised platforms which lends itself to professional drama studies and other performing art activities.

Uni Stage boasts different options such as flat staging, multi-level staging, show and tell staging and tiered staging. It is totally reconfigurable and requires no tools to assemble.


Drama is an imaginative and creative study that has become very popular in schools, colleges and universities. Our Uni Staging can improve and perfect drama activities by providing students with a professional platform for performances. A professional platform encourages younger years and young adults to step out of their comfort zone and develop social skills, take part in interactive group work and boost confidence all whilst having great fun.


Our versatile uni staging is stackable to create a convenient storage solution making them perfect for drama or sports halls where space may be limited or needed for other activities. With no tools required each staging package can be easily self assembled and reconfigured to create new designs suitable for individual settings and uses.


Our Uni Staging is a fantastic alternative to floor mats for educational establishments. It allows our school children to feel like stars and introduces an air of proffesionalisum  to drama or sports halls.


Uni Stage can also be used for drama activities, catwalks, concerts and dance routines. Featuring no-trip smooth surfacing our Uni Stage ensure a safe environment. All of the products in this section are available in different sizes, heights or degrees.


Uni Stage is delivered free to mainland UK.


And if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact a member of our team who will be happy to help.