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Buzz Play Equipment

Welcome to our Buzz Play Equipment section. Perfect for use in pre school and primary school play areas, our adventure system encourages coordination, control, fine motor skills, large motor movements and develops social skills.

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There is no stronger structure than the honeycomb so this iconic shape has been developed into a robust and reconfigurable modular play system to help children learn and develop. The modular, flexible structure allows play to evolve as children interact and experience hours of uninterrupted play!

The honeycomb shape system has been proven to provide strength, durability and easy construction, all while maximising space. In 1999, Professor Thomas C Hales provided mathematical proof for the advantage of what he termed “honeycomb conjecture”. Even aircraft engineers use panels resembling the honeycomb to build planes that are stronger and lighter and therefore use less fuel.

The unique honeycomb design also allows our younger years to experience more fun per meter than other regular shaped play equipment.

The versatile Buzz Play Equipment features climbing frames, outdoor slides, play tunnels and more that can be mix-and-matched to keep the little ones buzzing around for hours!

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the range is available in eighteen colours, delivered free to mainland UK and carries a two year factory warranty.

And if that’s not enough we are doing our bit for the bees. We want to be a little part of ensuring our bee population continues to thrive so with every configuration bought by pre school and primary schools we include packets of wildflower seeds.

Honey bees have a wide range of nutritional requirements, including vitamins, minerals, lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Honey bees need these nutrients for taking care of their young, the development of young workers and the overall survival of a the colony. Honey bees love wildflowers!